biostatspics-400.pngThis PhD program in biostatistics combines the strength in statistical theory and modeling of the Department of Mathematical Sciences and the biostatistical methods research, health sciences applications, and public health experience of the Department of Biostatistics

This unique collaboration provides an excellent environment for collaborative and interdisciplinary study. With a low student/faculty ratio, this program also offers students many opportunities for close interaction with faculty and careful research guidance.

The program is designed for individuals with strong quantitative and analytical skills and a strong interest in biological, medical and/or health related sciences. It provides rigorous training in statistical theory and methodologies that are suitable for applications in research, collaboration and consulting on a broad spectrum of health and life science problems. The program stresses the theory and concepts underlying statistical methods, the interpretation of results from experimental as well as observational studies, and the practical realities of health-related studies and their analysis. The primary goal is to prepare the students for independent careers as biostatisticians in any professional health-related or biomedical environment, such as in medical research institutes, universities, public health or government agencies and private health-industries or organizations.

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