PhD Advising

Academic Advisor: Students admitted to the program will be assigned an initial academic advisor who may be consulted for advice on all the academic issues and the program.  The Program Directors are also available for general consultation. The student may change advisors upon the consent of the new faculty member and the approval of the Program Directors who will also inform the original advisor of this switch. This academic advisor is the chair of the student’s advisory committee.

Advisory Committee: Within one year of admission to the program, each student shall be assigned, in consultation with the Directors of the Program, an academic advisory committee. This committee will consist of at least two members of the program’s graduate training faculty (the student’s major area), the student’s academic advisor who will serve as its chair and at least one member from another area. This committee will guide the student’s doctoral program, will approve the student’s program of study and will oversee and conduct the oral qualifying exam in the student's research area, and the designation of a suitable research committee (and the advisory committee henceforth is abolished).

Ph.D. Advisor and Research Committee:  Upon the successful passing of the oral qualifying examination, the student should identify, in consultation with the advisory committee, a professor from the program’s graduate faculty who will serve as the student’s primary research advisor, will direct the student’s dissertation, and will chair this committee. This advisor along with at least two appointed members of the program’s graduate training faculty, and at least one graduate faculty from outside of the program—will constitute the student research committee. The committee may consist of the same members as the student’s original advisory committee, but this is not required. This committee has the responsibility of supervising the research, reading the dissertation, and conducting the Ph.D. thesis defense final examination. 

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