Satisfactory Progress and Termination

Students must maintain satisfactory progress towards their degree objective to ensure their continued good standing in the program and financial support. The minimum criteria for satisfactory progress are a GPA of 3.00 or above, satisfactory research progress, and completion of other degree requirements (written and oral qualifying examinations, minor area requirements, candidacy requirements). If at any time the GPA drops below 3.0, the student will be placed on academic probation. Financial support may be rescinded if the GPA is not increased to 3.0 in a reasonable time period. Further, if the student’s GPA in two consecutive semesters is below 3.0 the student’s standing in the Biostatistics PhD program will be terminated. In addition, credit towards the doctoral degree will not be given for any course in which the student obtains a grade of “B-” or below.  This includes students’ work on their research. If, in the opinion of the research committee, satisfactory research progress is not being made, a meeting of the student's research committee may be convened. This meeting will include a brief presentation by the student on the work accomplished up to that point, and/or a discussion concerning the problems which have hampered progress. If the consensus of the committee is that the student needs to show improvement, he/she will have 60 days to demonstrate a change in research performance. At the end of this time, financial support may be discontinued, if applicable.

If a student finds it necessary to withdraw from the graduate program, then he/she should provide as much notice as possible—especially if supported financially by the program. In the case of teaching or research assistants, students are expected to complete the semester once it has begun. Similarly, the program will provide a student with as much advance notice as possible if the student is dropped from the program for reasons of poor performance. In addition, the student must maintain continual enrollment in the program after passing the qualifying examination, not including summer sessions. The student must also be registered during the semester of graduation.

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