List of Required Forms

Throughout the period of enrollment in the PhD program, specific forms must be filled out at certain points in the program. It is the student’s responsibility to complete the forms, as required.

Below is a list of all required forms with an explanation. All forms are available at the IUPUI Graduate Office website,, and must be filed with the PhD Student Service Representative.


Appointment of Advisory Committee Form

Within one year of admission, each student must select an advisory committee, consisting of at least two members of the program’s graduate training faculty, and at least one member from outside the program, preferably from the student’s minor area (if already identified). The student should select at least one member to be the primary academic advisor.

PhD Minor Form

This form is filed as soon as a minor area has been agreed upon, and must be signed by the student’s major advisor and the faculty member selected to be the student’s minor advisor. Should the coursework selected for the minor change, a new form must be filed.

Nomination of Candidacy Form

Following the passing of the oral qualifying examination and the completion of all required coursework, the student's advisory committee will nominate the student to candidacy. Upon approval of the dean of the IU Graduate School, the student will be admitted to candidacy.

Nomination of Research Committee Form

The research committee is selected when the student has successfully completed the oral qualifying examination and consists of at least four faculty members, including the student’s advisor and at least one member from the student’s minor area. The committee may consist of the same members as the student’s original advisory committee, but is not required to do so. The nomination form is filed after successful completion of the oral exam, and includes a one- to two-page summary of the proposed dissertation. The signatures of the faculty members on this form indicate that they agree to supervise the research.

Change of Research Committee Member Form

The membership of the research committee may be changed. However, the final version of the research committee must be fixed no later than six months prior to the defense.

Announcement of Dissertation Defense

Thirty days prior to the scheduled defense of the dissertation, the candidate must submit to the University Graduate School (at the IUPUI Graduate Office, UL1170) a one-page announcement of the final examination. This announcement must follow Guide to the Preparation of Theses and Dissertations (“The Format Guide”) - for use by students admitted to IU Graduate School Programs located at IUPUI. The Format Guide is available at the IUPUI Graduate Office website, The announcement contains, among other things, a summary of the dissertation (not less than 150 words) which is informative and contains a brief statement of the principal results and conclusions. Once the final examination has been scheduled, the announced time and place of the defense must not be changed without the approval of the dean.

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