The Biostatistics PhD dissertation, authored by the student, must contain original and publishable statistical / biostatistical research originating from and with application to well-defined life and health related problems. The dissertation process formally begins after the student finishes all coursework, passes the oral qualifying exam and is nominated to candidacy.

Under supervision of his or her advisor and research committee, the student submits a one- or two-page dissertation prospectus to the University Graduate School. If the proposed research involves human subjects, animals, biohazards, or radiation, approval from the appropriate university committee must also be obtained. The dissertation prospectus must be approved by the University Graduate School at least six months before the defense of the dissertation.

After submitting the completed written dissertation to the research committee for reading and evaluation, the student presents and defends it orally in a public forum before the committee. Before graduation will be permitted, the student’s dissertation must comply with departmental and University format requirements. Students can consult the Guide to the Preparation of Theses and Dissertations (“The Format Guide”) - for use by students admitted to IU Graduate School Programs located at IUPUI. The Format Guide is available at be

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