Financial Assistance

The Program offers financial support to qualified students in the form of Teaching or Research Assistantships (TA, & RA) or in the form of University Fellowships. In addition, supported students receive a fee scholarship, which remits most of the tuition costs and payment of the mandatory student health insurance premium. Student’s financial support may be renewed for up to ten semesters, provided that the recipient is making satisfactory progress toward the degree and is discharging the teaching or research assignment in a quality and professional manner. Because the objective of the financial support of the stipend and fee scholarship is to provide the student with the opportunity to devote a full-time effort to their studies and research responsibilities, it is expected that recipients will not hold any outside employment.


Teaching Assistantships 

To qualify for a Teaching Assistantship, foreign students must take the SPEAK (oral English proficiency) exam administered by the IUPUI ESL program.  Students who do not pass the exam enroll in G020, Communication Skills for TAs, before retaking this exam.

Each semester the responsibilities of a teaching assistant will involve teaching related assignments (instruction, recitation, tutoring and or grading) of up to 20 hours per week during the Fall and Spring Semesters plus one of the six-weeks summer sessions. Vacation time to those receiving such assignments is dictated by the academic calendar and is not to exceed 4 weeks per academic year.

Students whose performance as a TA is unsatisfactory will be notified; if, at the end of the following semester, sufficient improvement has not been made, support will be terminated.

Research Assistantships

Some faculty of the program may have research grants that include a 12-month stipend, tuition remission, and fees for graduate students assigned to work on the funded research project. The availability of research assistantships will vary each year among the investigators and the funded research projects in the departments. Awards are usually not made by the Department but are rather arranged with the major professor serving as PI or the leading investigator of the funded research project.

Students supported in this manner are expected to devote up to 20 hours per week to their assigned responsibilities in the funded research project(s) during the year. Vacation time to those receiving such assignments, must be pre-arranged with the RA supervisor and is not to exceed 4 weeks per year.

Students whose performance as RA on the assigned funded research project(s) is insufficient will be notified and given one semester to correct the deficiency, or support will be terminated.

University Fellowships

Ph.D. students with outstanding credentials may receive competitive, first year IUPUI Fellowships. Stipends may vary from the usual Program’s support levels but students are guaranteed these levels of stipend as a minimum, after the first year, contingent on their satisfactory performance. All first year Fellowships come with fee remission and graduate student health insurance.


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